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Reliable Security System Solutions in Singapore

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Be it from outsiders or insiders, SST provides comprehensive security solutions to detect and prevent security breaches. Our company’s threat analysis experts are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services, ensuring the safety and protection of your premises.

All-Around Security System Solutions

At SST, we understand that threats to security come in various forms, which is why our All-Around Security System Solutions are designed to be comprehensive. Our company’s layered approach ensures that your premises are safeguarded against a range of risks, from burglary and theft to more sophisticated threats like terrorism and cyber attacks. With robust authentication, deterrent measures, and continuous monitoring, we provide peace of mind that your assets are protected around the clock.

The system constantly observes and collects data on activities and events within its scope. This stage involves real-time surveillance through sensors, cameras, or software tools to detect any abnormalities or potential threats.

Measures are implemented to discourage unauthorized access or malicious behavior. This can include visible security features like alarms, signs, and physical barriers, as well as security protocols and procedures designed to deter intruders or attackers.

Authentication methods such as passwords, biometrics, or security tokens verify the legitimacy of users, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information or perform certain actions.

Our Security System Solutions in Singapore

Access Control System

This system provides automated and secure access control to buildings and other restricted areas by granting entry to authorised personnel only.

Anti-intrusion Alarm System

This system is designed to detect and deter intrusion. It also alerts authorities in the event of a security breach.

Video Surveillance System


This system uses sensors to monitor activity around the premises and can be used to monitor environment conditions and other factors that may affect security.

Automated Door Systems

An automated door system is a mechanism that is designed and installed to automatically open and close doors.

Perimeter Security Systems

The perimeter security system is typically designed to prevent unauthorised access or intrusion into the property.

Network Server Systems

Integrating a network server into security solutions fortifies organizations, safeguarding networks, data, and assets while upholding critical resource confidentiality, integrity, and availability

Proposed Solution

Based on our thorough evaluation, we design and implement a bespoke solution that integrates cutting-edge technology and strategic human oversight. Our systems are not only scalable to your business needs but adaptable to the evolving landscape of security threats.

What we do

Constant Support and Updates

SST commits to your ongoing safety with 24/7 support and regular updates to security systems, ensuring your defences remain ahead of the curve. With SST, you can trust that your company’s security infrastructure will evolve with the latest advancements and threat intelligence.

Site Threats Assessment & Analysis

Our dedicated threat analyst team conducts meticulous assessments and in-depth analysis to uncover any vulnerabilities within your premises. By understanding the unique challenges your company faces, we can tailor a security system solution that's as resilient as it is responsive.

Our cilent
" SST is the best security provider for any business premises. Their threat analysis for premises is thorough and effective, and I can guarantee that it will protect your business premises from any potential risk. Highly recommended! "
- David, Director
Davoe Creative
" The SST team provided a comprehensive analysis of our property threats and identified those we overlooked. Their professionalism and expertise gave us peace of mind and enabled us to create a more secure environment. Brilliant service! "
- Mr Chasmen
Landed property owner

Our company adheres to rigorous quality assurance protocols, ensuring all systems and solutions undergo thorough testing and certification processes. Our equipment is sourced from reputable manufacturers and is compliant with international security standards to guarantee reliability and durability.

Absolutely. Our security solutions in Singapore are highly customisable to accommodate the unique security requirements of various properties, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial. We tailor our systems to match the specific security challenges and layout of each site.

We are committed to innovation, integrating the latest technology in our security systems to offer advanced features such as AI-powered surveillance, biometric access controls, and IoT-enabled sensors. This ensures our clients benefit from the most effective and efficient security measures available.

Yes, our systems are designed for compatibility and can be integrated with existing security infrastructure to enhance capabilities and extend functionality. Our company’s technical team can work with you to ensure a seamless integration process.

Starlite offers various pricing options to suit different budgetary needs, including outright purchase, leasing, and flexible payment plans. We provide detailed quotations, ensuring transparency and value for the solutions we offer.

Data privacy and security are paramount in our digital solutions. We employ encryption, secure channels for data transmission, and adhere to strict data protection regulations to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of our client’s data.

Depending on the security solution chosen, there may be subscription or recurring fees for ongoing maintenance, support, and service updates. These will be clearly outlined in the service agreement, with no hidden costs.

Our installation process is conducted by certified technicians who ensure minimal disruption to your daily operations. We follow a structured approach, from site assessment to post-installation checks, all scheduled at your convenience.

Starlite provides comprehensive training for administrators and end-users, covering system management, emergency protocols, and routine operations. Training can be customised to the needs of the staff and is available in various formats, including on-site and digital modules.

Starlite offers a full warranty on card access systems and CCTV monitoring camera solutions, covering any defects in materials or workmanship. Extended warranty options and maintenance contracts are also available for ongoing assurance of your system’s performance.

Our support team is on standby 24/7 to respond to security alerts or system issues. Our rapid response protocol ensures that any issues are addressed promptly, often remotely, and if necessary, through on-site visits.

Starlite offers flexible options for upgrading or expanding existing systems, from adding new components to a full system overhaul. We provide scalable solutions to grow with your security needs.

Our security system interfaces are designed with the user in mind, ensuring ease of use without compromising on functionality. We prioritise intuitive design and provide user manuals and training for a smooth user experience.

Yes, many of Starlite’s security systems can be controlled via mobile applications, allowing for convenient remote management of your security systems from anywhere in the world.