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What Singaporeans should do for prevention to stay safe from virus attack? Everyone knows mostly viruses and related diseases spread by contact. When a virus carrier( Like COVID-19) sneezes or coughs, the virus caught in hands and after that whatever that person is touching will contaminate with virus. When virus is detected late, a single infected person unknowingly spreading the virus to many people. So what to do? The only way is to stay contact-free, not only from the people but also staying away from touching anything that are exposed in public which may contain virus.Don’t forget even a pin top is sufficient for virus exposure!

In the era of touch technology, we use our fingertips every now and then – key PIN numbers, scanning fingerprint in biometric machines etc.We are touching things around us unwarily in our offices and in shops, exchanging cards and maybe with that exchange also getting the virus for free…..

As WHO suggested to clean hands now and then but that’s not really a practical solution. Imagining running to washing area for few hundred times a day. Therefore the only solution is stay touch-free. Because how contact free you can stay, that will determine the safety of your health. Sounds odd but true. So try to avoid the tendency to use body parts as much as possible because you don’t know if there are any germs or virus already exist there. Even the restrooms are using sensor taps and flushing systems. For the offices or shops etc, we can use touch-free advanced technology that will allow us to enter and exit without touching anything! You must be thinking how?

The magic lies in contact-free systems. So what is that? Starlite Systems Technologies is introducing a new age technology of Face Recognition door access control and sensor exit. With this technology to enter or to exit you don’t even have to touch anything, not even your finger( only fingertip is also enough for virus!) You will just have to stand in a specific position and the advance technology will scan your face with the face recognition terminal, you will be able to enter. As to exit, with our sensor exit, just wave and go. Yes, the advance technology will help to create a 3D scan version of your face, so will never have to suffer with couldn’t recognize error. As you are not going to touch anything so there is no threat of virus or diseases! Just imagine an ideal Singapore without even a single body contact. No fear from outside visitors and no fear for those visitors too. Staying clean and contactless smartly.

So basically gradually we will have to make all public areas contact-free with installing the new age technology that allows touch-free sensor systems. We will have to replace our old technology to welcome this new touch-free technology that will make commercial places contactless with removing all the present and future threats regarding contagious diseases. The is an important step for all commercial areas where you have to access the doors, whether it is shop or working place – each and everywhere. To be part of this mission, click here.