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Have you read the news recently in Singapore and felt that there have been incidents of bad neighbors, home burglary, or even thefts in the home? Some of our clients have, and they started to ask us where they should install their CCTV cameras.

If you stay in an HDB, the answer is simpler. The front door is the safest bet. What if you live in a semi-D or bungalow?

We will look at a few important places where to install home CCTV security cameras.

1. Front Door

Research has shown that around 34% of burglars try and enter homes using the front door. Therefore it would be a great idea to place a surveillance camera at the door entrance. There is a chance of the burglar trying to tamper with the surveillance camera.

It would be advisable to place the camera at the second-floor level. Alternately you can place it in the facing your house and place the focus on the front door. If your home is a single level, you must try and protect your camera so that it is not damaged by miscreants. You could use mesh wiring and other things that could protect it from hard knocks from stones and rocks.

2. Back Door

Around 23% of burglars in homes use the back door to make a quiet entry into the house. They also could make use of the side doors. Therefore it would be an intelligent move to place surveillance cameras in the back doors and side doors.
But again there are a few things which you must keep in mind. The camera should be strategically located and be out of reach of hands. It should also have the required protection around it to prevent damage and breakage.

When choosing the answer the question of where to place home security cameras you also must be sure that the cameras are made waterproof. It also is important to have cameras with night vision features. You must try and look for cameras that offer 360-degree panning and can tilt up to 90 degrees.

3. Window Security Cameras

Many burglars often try and break-in using the windows. They may break it or pierce it open. They always try and choose windows that do not have a direct view of the street.
Hence, you would do well to look for security cameras that can be fitted on windows that are on the side of the home or on the rear side of the home.

It would not be a bad idea to look for cameras that have remote control capabilities. You must be able to remote control it using mobile phones, tablets, and other such mobile devices.

4. Backyard Cameras

Quite often the backyard is used to keep expensive items like bikes and other garden and lawn items. They are easy targets for burglars and therefore installing security cameras here would be a good idea. It would be advisable to look for cameras with motion sensor facility and night vision capabilities.

If the backyard is fenced, it would be better to face the camera towards the entrance gate. You must try and place the camera in plain sight. This will be a dampener for burglars and they may not want to take the risk knowing well that their movements will be recorded and watched.

5. Inside The Home

You could also do some homework and choose someplace inside your home where you could place the camera. This is often neglected.

It is not exactly for scaring away burglars but for other purposes. You could place it in rooms where you have children or elderly that you really need to monitor. It can record any abnormal movement or if something terrible happens. If you just hired a new domestic helper or if you have contractors moving around your house, it would be wise to also keep an eye on them.

Hopefully, this article could provide a new perspective when it comes to answering the question of where to place home security cameras.

If you need help choosing the right security systems for your home or office, feel free to ask us about it.