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With the news recently of house break-ins in Singapore, we thought it was time for us to share some tips to help secure your home. No matter whether you stay in a HDB or on landed property, you will find some tactics here that would be suitable for you and your family.

Install a good CCTV system

CCTV systems are gaining immense popularity in Singapore when it comes to home security as they are becoming affordable and easier to use. CCTV systems are not only used for spying on nightmare HDB neighbors you know!

CCTV camera systems help homeowners to keep an eye on their homes from one central location. Installing CCTV systems in your home goes a long way to secure your home from burglars and intruders 24 hours a day. CCTV systems also record over time, which is necessary in most cases when pursuing an intruder or tracking down a suspect for whatever reasons.

Here’s a demo of what a Starlite CCTV system can do for you.

A CCTV system may be out of budget for some families. The following are some of the low cost ways to improve security in your home.

Do away with hiding spots

Whether you’ve installed security systems in your home or not , it’s prudent to provide a bit of extra protection. Don’t let your shrubbery grow too tall or too bushy as it may provide a nice hiding spot for potential burglars. Be sure to trim and prune plantings and keep your property safe from burglars.

Secure your keys

Its common for many Singapore homeowners to keep their keys in ‘secret’ places outside their homes. The fact is, smart crooks know these places well. They will check under the mat, beneath a rock, inside the mailbox and so forth.

You should also be smart about issuing spare keys. Make sure you trust who you are issuing to. This is key to keeping your home safe.

Get a convenient-size safe

You may not need a sophisticated safe to keep all your items that are in need of safe-keeping. Consider installing a small safe to protect your smaller important items. Be sure to bolt it to the floor or wall so that burglars do not walk off with it. Keep it out of sight by hiding it in a corner of a closet or some inconspicuous area. For as little as $150, you can get a safe that will protect you from thieves.

Beef up your home security with a dog

If you are planning on getting a pet, why not consider getting a dog who can also act as security guard.

get a dog for home protection

A guard dog can provide added level of security to your home, and even if you don’t get the big dogs, small dogs can bark and make enough noise to warn you. Rottweilers, the German Shepherd are among the best breeds for home protection.

Light up the areas outside your home

A dark home is obviously vulnerable to burglary. To add to your home’s security, think about installing outdoor lighting with infrared motion sensors near each point of entry. A motion sensor light will automatically light up dark areas of your home. Besides, you’ll need to replace any burned-out light bulbs.

Arm your home with an alarm system

A house without an alarm system is much more likely to be burglarized than a home with one. There are many good options for homeowners. One can look for a system with a separate interior control panel and an exterior casing with containing a siren.

Reinforce your windows

Windows are known to pose serious security challenges in most homes in Singapore. There are very many reported cases whereby intruders have broken windows, reached the inside and unlocked windows to gain access into a home. The best way to prevent this is to consider installing laminate windows or a special type of glass that is similar to car windshields. Alternatively, Singapore homeowners can choose to install a second layer of glass.

Keeping your valuables away from windows is also a good idea if you live at the HDB corridor. Don’t make your home tempting for would be burglars like those reported in the news.

Replace old and rusty locks

When you move into a new house, the best idea is to change all the existing locks. Check to see if any of your locks at the gate or windows are rusty. These weak links may invited unwanted burglars from attempting to break in via brute force.

If you want something more modern, you could even try out Door Access Systems. These add an additional layer of technology to prevent burglars from trying to break in.

Don’t leave money, jewelry, or expensive things lying around

We are so used to low crime, that we can forget that crime still exists. When you let strangers into your home to do servicing, plumbing, or cleaning, make sure to keep valuables out of sight. Thieves may not steal them on the spot, but may hatch a plan to come back another day.

I hope these tips would help you keep yourself and your family safe. If you know of other tips, feel free to share them in the comments below.