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There is a saying in Singapore which is “low crime doesn’t mean no crime”. Even though Singapore is relatively crime-free, we know that we should not take security for granted. To protect your business and premises, you need the right kind of surveillance system for your business needs.

These are some tips and questions you need to ask yourself to see which CCTV system suits your business the most.

1. First, look for a good CCTV security company

The most significant step when choosing the right CCTV system for your business is getting a good CCTV security system company to install for you. Here in Singapore, numerous companies provide surveillance services. Hence, it might be hard to know the right company to select. Ensure the CCTV-company you choose is certified and has a good reputation. Make sure you read their reviews on Google and Facebook too.

2. Know the CCTV system features you need

To ensure you select the right surveillance camera for your business, it wise to consider the features that the camera has, which your business requires. For example, one element is an alarm. An alarm is an essential feature because when a person tries to break into your business, the CCTV captures the image and the alarm goes off. When the potential robber hear the signal, he has no option but to run away without entering into your premises.

Do you need CCTV systems with smartphone viewing capabilities? Night vision? 360 viewing angles?

It’s always better to talk to a professional CCTV company to see the right features that would suit your premises.

3. Do you need CCTV camera with warning system?

Another essential element to consider when choosing a CCTV system is the early warning feature. For instance, in case of disasters such as fire, the surveillance camera can alert the main security system in time. Hopefully you can inform the authorities in time too.

4. Customer service of the security company

CCTV cameras play vital roles in protecting crucial items. So it would be terrible if they fail to capture what is happening even for an hour.

It is therefore essential that your security company have a reliable customer care department. The customer service should be pro-active and have a unit that acts quickly on any request by a client.

5. Choosing between IP CCTV systems and Analog CCTV systems

No matter how you choose, if you decide on installing a CCTV system, you would have to choose between the 2 main types.

Most CCTV systems fall under 2 categories: the traditional Analog CCTV cameras or IP CCTV cameras.

Below are pros and cons to both choices:

What is an Analog CCTV system

Even though most people tend to focus on IP video technology, it is significant to note that Analog CCTV systems can also be useful especially on people with a budget. With Analog CCTV system, the video image is transmitted in analogue format for viewing from one central location. An Analog video camera sends signals to a central location for monitoring, recording and video analysis. Here the video is stored on hard drives and can only be accessed from a LAN. Even though the video of the past days is stored in the drive, live video is also available over the network.

Pros of Analog CCTV system

  • Cost – One of the main reason why you should choose Analog system over other alternatives is the cost. IP CCTV systems are more expensive than Analog models.
  • Compatibility – Another benefit is that matching and mixing camera models and other surveillance equipment from several manufacturers is possible with Analog system.

Cons of Analog CCTV system

  • Expensive cabling – if you are using the CCTV cameras for long-scale surveillance, Analog system need complicated wiring that may be expensive and difficult to install.
  • Limited features – Several advanced features found in IP cameras such as zooming, analytics and mega resolution are not available in Analog CCTV systems.

What is an IP CCTV system

IP CCTV system means Internet Protocol security system. It is a digital camera that uses the internet instead of Analog transmission. Unlike Analog where the video is stored on a hard drive, here the video streams from the camera. Also, there is more flexibility as to where and how the video was recorded.

Pros of IP CCTV system

  • Image resolution – IP CCTV cameras are far much better than Analog systems thus provide better image resolution.
  • Easy installation – Installing an IP CCTV system is not hard like when installing an Analog CCTV model. In fact, most of IP CCTV cameras in the market today are plug and play.
  • Analytics – If you are ready to invest, there are IP CCTV systems that have several exciting features such as facial recognition.
  • Future evidence – If you are looking for a perfect camera for your business that you can use in the future to proof yourself, choose IP CCTV cameras.

Cons of IP CCTV system

  • IP cameras are more expensive than Analog models
  • IP CCTV cameras use more bandwidth than Analog systems.

Do you know which kinds of CCTV systems are more suitable for you yet?

If you need more help with deciding, feel free to speak to our friendly live chat, or send us an email with your requirements. At Starlite Systems Technologies, we don’t just sell security equipment; we are your professional security consultants too.